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When someone dies because of another person’s negligence (severe carelessness) or willful act, the law calls it a wrongful death. For example, the death of a pedestrian killed by a drunk driver could be a wrongful death. A wrongful death lawsuit is not a murder case, although our Riverside wrongful death lawyers can and do file claims while prosecutors are also pursuing criminal charges. A wrongful death claim seeks to penalize the wrongdoer who caused the death with a monetary payment, rather than by sending the wrongdoer to prison.

Of course, no amount of money can ever replace a wrongfully killed person. But when the death happens suddenly and unexpectedly, the surviving family members often face serious practical problems along with their grief. The accident itself often causes steep financial costs, particularly medical bills. If the victim was a breadwinner, his or her income is gone forever. Surviving family members must scramble to take over household tasks, child care and other duties the lost person performed. A Riverside wrongful death lawsuit can help families defray some of these costs and support themselves while they rebuild their lives. In some cases, it can also raise public awareness of the dangers that caused the accident, preventing other families from going through the same trauma.

Wrongful deaths can be caused by these and other common catastrophic personal injuries:

In most cases of personal injury, the victims themselves can sue the person responsible for their injuries. Because that’s not possible for wrongful death victims, the law gives immediate family members the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. People entitled to file a wrongful death claim in California, in priority order, are the deceased’s spouse or domestic partner; children; parents and anyone who was financially supported by the victim, or who would stand to inherit from the victim’s estate (such as siblings). These plaintiffs may claim all of the costs related to the death, including funeral bills, as well as compensation for the loss of their loved one’s care, companionship, love and advice. The estate of the deceased person may also file a separate claim called a survival action, which allows it to recover damages for the victim’s own suffering and the costs incurred before the death.

At our firm, we have represented the surviving family members of wrongfully killed people for more than 25 years. We understand that wrongful death claims are legally and emotionally difficult cases, involving complex medical, financial and insurance questions. Our Riverside wrongful death attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to fully value and prove your claim, using outside experts when necessary, in order to get clients the best possible financial settlement. And because we know wrongful death clients come to us during a personally and financially difficult time, we are committed to helping our clients throughout the process and remaining available with clear answers.

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