Riverside Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability is the area of the law that makes property owners and operators responsible for clearing safety hazards. Under California law, property owners may be held responsible for any injuries stemming from safety problems they knew or should reasonably have known about, but failed to remove or post a warning about. While owners of properties open to the public — such as stores, restaurants and amusement parks — are more commonly the defendants in Riverside premises liability lawsuits, owners of private property may also be liable to guests they have invited onto their property.

Premises liability cases most often involve slip and fall accidents, which may sound like minor incidents. But as Riverside premises liability lawyers, we have seen very serious injuries result from a slip and fall or other accident on someone else’s property. Falls, trips and slips from a height can result in wrongful deaths or serious, catastrophic injuries such as paralysis or chronic pain. Our law firm handles premises liability claims resulting from all types of accidents, including:

  • Wet floors due to spills or cleaning
  • Fire and electrocution
  • Debris and other tripping hazards on the floor
  • Uneven walkways
  • Failure to clear snow and ice from walkways in mountain areas
  • Stairs with no handrails, or with slipping hazards on them
  • Old appliances that could be a deadly “attractive nuisance” to children
  • Unsecured swimming pools posing a drowning hazard to toddlers
  • Dog bites or other domestic animal attacks

Under California premises liability law, victims of a violent crime on someone else’s property may also be able to collect damages. Under a legal theory called negligent security, property owners (including landlords of rental housing) have a legal obligation to take reasonable security measures when there’s reason to believe the property might be targeted by criminals. Property owners might need to fix existing problems, like a broken lock, or install extra security features like an intercom. If they don’t, victims may file a Riverside negligent security lawsuit over any injuries or deaths from a crime that later takes place on the property.

If you’re considering a premises liability lawsuit in the Inland Empire, you should talk to our firm right away. For more than 25 years, we have helped people throughout Southern California hold careless people responsible for the serious injuries resulting from their negligence. We can help victims of all types of premises liability accidents claim financial compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering; any lifelong disability or wrongful death; and all of their financial costs, including the cost of time off work and any medical bills they expect in the future. We are proud to say that our Riverside premises liability lawyers have helped more than 25,000 people recover these damages over the years, allowing them to support themselves, secure needed medical care and eventually move past their serious accidents.

Our law firm offers free consultations to all potential clients, so there’s no risk in talking to us to learn more about your rights. To schedule a free consultation, please contact us online or call us toll-free at 1-800-753-6997. For those injured outside of Riverside we have Orange County slip & fall lawyers, San Bernardino premises liability attorneys, Los Angeles trip & fall attorneys and Las Vegas slip & fall lawyers that offer a free consultation and can help you.