Riverside Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

When we place elderly loved ones in a nursing home, we’re placing our faith in the professionalism and ethics of the people who run that nursing home. In a few cases, that faith is terribly misplaced. Abuse and neglect at nursing homes takes advantage of the most vulnerable members of our society — people who already have disabilities or illnesses that left them unable to live on their own. When they are mistreated by the people whose job is to care for them, they often can’t even communicate their distress to visiting friends and family. Sometimes, it takes a thorough investigation by a Riverside nursing home negligence lawyer to reveal the truth.

Nursing home negligence is a broad term describing abuse, neglect, theft, medical malpractice and other failures to take reasonable care to prevent harm to nursing home residents. A lot of media attention has been focused on the problem of abuse at nursing homes, which includes physical abuse, verbal and emotional abuse and sometimes even sexual abuse. In some cases, opportunistic caregivers have also used their positions to financially exploit patients, outright stealing valuable items, draining bank accounts or stealing their identities. However, the problem of nursing home neglect is statistically far more common, and it can be fatal. Neglect can include:

  • Not providing food (or appropriate food)
  • Failure to provide water
  • Allowing bedsores to form by not turning the patient often enough
  • Failure to treat obvious medical problems
  • Allowing infections to spread through insufficient sterilization of hands and equipment
  • Over- or under-medication
  • Failure to supervise patients with mental health problems or disabilities

This neglect of some of the most basic forms of care would be horrifying enough on its own. But in many cases, patients with health problems are not strong enough to withstand the physical toll that the neglect takes, which sends them into a health decline ending in death. Families may have to scramble to place the patient in a hospital, and then later find a suitable replacement for the home responsible for the abuse. In addition to being physically damaging to the patient and emotionally devastating for the entire family, this can also be very expensive. A Riverside County nursing home negligence lawsuit can help families recover those costs while they expose and penalize the abusive home.

If you have discovered abuse, exploitation or neglect at a nursing home you entrusted with a loved one’s care, you should call our law firm right away for help. In many cases of abuse and neglect, the government may pursue criminal charges or regulatory action against the home — but while this may penalize the home, it won’t defray the high financial and personal costs of nursing home negligence. Our nursing home negligence attorneys can follow through with a lawsuit allowing families to recover those costs, while also calling public attention to the shameful practices at these homes. We have more than 25 years of experience helping Californians hold wrongdoers legally and financially responsible for their actions, so we understand what our clients are going through — and we do our best to lift that burden by keeping them informed, treating them with respect and getting them the fullest possible compensation for their injuries.

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