Riverside Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcyclists may look tough — but statistically they are some of the most vulnerable people on our roads. Without airbags, seatbelts or a steel frame around them, they are at much greater risk of a wrongful death or catastrophic injury than other motorists. According to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists don’t have a disproportionately high rate of crashes — but when they do crash, they are 35 times more likely than drivers to die in an accident and eight times more likely to be injured. And despite the perception that motorcyclists are risk-takers, studies show that drivers actually cause the majority of two-vehicle motorcycle crashes.

At our law firm, our Riverside motorcycle accident lawyers take an especially aggressive stance in negotiations with insurance companies. That’s partly because motorcycle accidents cause very serious injuries, including brain damage, multiple fractures and internal injuries. These injuries are physically and emotionally devastating, and lifetime medical treatment easily reaches into six or seven figures, making it imperative to recover fair and full compensation in these cases. However, insurance companies know that the public still believes outdated and unfairly negative stereotypes about motorcyclists — and they are willing to use that to blame the rider for the crash, allowing them to deny the claim or arbitrarily reduce payment.

The Riverside motorcycle accident attorneys at attorneys won’t let them get away with it. After a crash, seriously injured motorcyclists frequently face hospital bills of five or six figures; weeks or months of income lost while they can’t work; and a destroyed motorcycle. In some cases, victims are left with a disability that means they’ll never ride or work again, and may need lifelong medical help. When these injuries are caused by someone else’s careless driving, victims can and should hold that person legally responsible for these costs. In an Inland Empire motorcycle accident lawsuit, you can claim all of the costs of the accident, including future costs, as well as compensation for your injuries, pain, suffering and any permanent disability or wrongful death.

Over more than 25 years, our law firm has helped more than 25,000 people throughout Southern California recover fair compensation after a serious accident. Our attorneys negotiate aggressively with insurance companies, a policy that we are proud to say results in settling the case before trial 90% of the time, sparing our clients the strain of going to court. However, if we do need to go to trial to protect our clients’ rights, we promise to litigate each case completely and aggressively. Our goal is always to get our clients the best possible settlement, allowing them to pay accident-related bills, support their families and eventually move past a serious accident.

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