Riverside Catastrophic Injuries Attorney

A catastrophic injury is any injury that will permanently change the victim’s life in some way. This could mean the loss of a limb or organ; damage to the brain or spinal cord, leading to lifelong disability; disfiguring or disabling burns; or soft-tissue injuries causing chronic pain. These injuries are serious enough when viewed only in terms of their physical effect — but as victims know, a catastrophic injury can also result in radical changes to the victim’s financial and personal well-being. As Riverside catastrophic injury lawyers, we specialize in helping victims deal with the devastating effects of these injuries on their health, their personal lives and their incomes.

Our law firm handles catastrophic injuries stemming from all kinds of accidents, including injuries from:

Because catastrophic injuries take away at least some amount of physical ability or health, they have a profound effect on the victim’s emotional and financial lives as well as his or her health. Victims can no longer live the lives they did before the accident, or the lives they were hoping to live, leading to depression and bitterness. In many cases, they can no longer work at all, or cannot do the work they did before the accident, putting the family onto shaky financial footing. Victims may need months or years of expensive therapy to relearn how to perform simple tasks with their disabilities, or they may not be able to live on their own at all. Family members may have to give up their own jobs, school or other plans to help out.

At our firm, we understand that no lawsuit can erase the effects of a serious accident. But for victims and families struggling to make ends meet and get the medical care they need, a Riverside catastrophic injury lawsuit can make a big difference. In a lawsuit, victims can claim all of the financial losses the accident caused. That includes past medical bills as well as future medical costs and income they can no longer earn — up to a lifetime, if appropriate. They can also claim compensation for their injuries, pain, emotional trauma and other non-financial damages. Our catastrophic injury lawyers are proud to say that we’ve helped thousands of clients recover this money so they can get quality medical care, support their families and put their lives back together.

Our law firm has helped more than 25,000 people throughout Southern California recover fair compensation after an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness. We have decades of experience handling the complex legal and financial issues presented by a catastrophic injury case, in which the victim frequently needs to claim the total lifelong cost of future medical care and predict income he or she would have earned. We will work hard to make sure our clients claim all the compensation they deserve and follow through with aggressive negotiations with insurance companies, at the settlement table or in court, if necessary. Our goal is always to get clients the best possible compensation for their injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury because of someone else’s carelessness, our firm would like to help. To set up a free consultation, you can reach us online or call 1-800-753-6997. We have offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Las Vegas.